NSS: Received the «Sophos Distributor of the Year 2023» award

A very important award for NSS this year came from one of its largest partners, Sophos. The well-known cybersecurity company presented the “Distributor of the Year 2023” award through its representative, Patrick Müller (Regional Manager Eastern Europe, Sophos) to the Executive Director of NSS, George Kapaniris, rewarding NSS’s performance in the Eastern Europe region where it also operates.

NSS Corp. is an international Value-Added Distributor (VAD), specializing in cutting-edge IT solutions covering the technology areas of information security, networking, unified communications, data storage, virtualization, and data center infrastructure systems (datacenters).

NSS is a very loyal partner to Sophos and that loyalty and dedication is not something that is found everywhere. NSS represents Sophos in the Greek market and demonstrates a high level of technological sophistication. And this is exactly what partners are looking for from a distributor. In addition, it runs a business model that is highly satisfying to its partners on a business level. Our relationship with NSS is based on loyalty, trust and friendship, characteristics that are of real value to partners. It’s not just about sales, but also about the value that a distributor like NSS can bring at a business levelsaid Patrick Müller of Sophos.

The event for the “Distributor of the Year 2023” award was attended by dozens of partners of NSS in Greece. The event was accompanied by numerous briefings and updates on the latest developments in cybersecurity and the evolving threat landscape as well as on the important changes coming to legislation, directives and regulations in the European Union – most notably the implementation of the NIS 2 Directive, which brings new measures for an even higher common level of cybersecurity across the European territory.

The Executive Director of NSS, George Kapaniris said about the important award the company received: We are honored, as this award concerns Eastern Europe, a large region where a big number of distributors are very active, something that is not the case in other regions of the continent. This is a very important achievement as we have been working with Sophos for many years,” said Mr. Kapaniris. “You can have faith in your capabilities, and know how good you are at your job, but when your own partners tell you, it becomes a belief. Sophos is a very important partner of ours and it is particularly positive that Athens is now a ‘destination’ – previously it was Prague and Budapest – as there are now few cities that the vendor chooses to visit,he added.

George Koumintzis, Commercial Director of NSS said about the prestigious award: “With our partners we make sure we have a two-way relationship. They are our source of information about what the market demands at a given moment. From the opposite direction, by embracing the trends in global cybersecurity, we pass on information to them so that they can in return provide vision to their customers“.