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IT is in a constant state of transformation. Established technologies and concepts will be completely overhauled and replaced within just a few a years. Technology providers may fall victim to economic crises, or abandon product development for other reasons. In light of this, it is difficult to hold on to information that will be still useful after than a decade like email communication data.

With over 60,000 corporate customers in over 100 countries, Mailstore is one of the global leaders in the field of Mail Archiving. Mailstore products and solutions are used by small and medium- sized businesses from all sectors, as well as by public and educational institutions.

MailStore offers the most comprehensive market solutions in terms of performance, stability, functionality and simplicity to meet the specific email archiving needs of SMBs.


Mailstore Technology

MailStore Server supports almost all popular email systems and archiving methods. Email can be archived from the mailboxes of email servers as well as from decentralized email clients or files. Furthermore, it is also possible to archive all email from a single company as soon as they are sent or received.

Flexible Archiving

Mailstore solutions guarantee the security and availability of business sensitive data for the years to come. While the surrounding IT infrastructure is subject to constant change, at the same time, the amount of emails to be managed continues to grow dramatically over the years, so Email Archiving is really essential.

  • Journal archiving support, making sure that all your business emails are archived. When a user deletes an email from their mailbox, his email will have already been archived.
  • Allows your existing emails to be archived from different sources like existing mailboxes, email clients, PST files etc.  The existing folder structure set up by the user is imported providing an excellent usability of the archived data.
  • Emails can be deleted from the mail server’s mailboxes after a while, allowing allows the workload of the server to be maintained at a consistently low level.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365 & Active Directory, LDAP, MDaemon, Kerio, IceWarp, Communigate, G Suite, external databases etc.
  • Archiving is performed with MIME compatibility (RFC 822) and its successors, helping to meet compliance requirements. All archived email can be also exported according to the above standard. A cryptographic signature can be added to exported emails to protect them from tampering, even outside of the archive.
  • MailStore Server management can be automated through a powerful HTTPS-based API. Therefore through the use of a programming language such as C#, PHP or Python, commands are sent to the integrated API-HTTPS server via HTTP POST and values are sent back in JSON format. The API makes possible the control of several administrative tasks, such as the management of users, storage locations, etc.

Integrated Storage Technology

Users can access the archive using different methods and quickly browse the emails using an incredibly powerful full-text search.

  • Mailstore guarantees scalability for large amounts of data, since new archive stores can automatically be created and used in the file system if necessary.
  • MailStore Server uses de-duplication to reduce the total storage requirements, saving up to 70% Storage Space since identical MIME-parts (e.g. file attachments) are only stored once in an archive, even if they appear more than once in mailboxes.
  • Mailstore allows storage tiering since frequently accessed archive stores can reside on fast storage, while less frequently accessed archive stores can be moved to slower storage.
  • MailStore can help to protect the archived data from tampering using state-of-the-art encryption by utilizing SHA hashes and applying AES256 encryption to email texts and file attachments.

Powerful Accessibility

Users can access the archive using different methods and quickly browse the emails using an incredibly powerful full-text search.

  • Mailstore Microsoft Outlook addon allows users to access their archive integrating, providing for all essential functions, such as full-text searching, access via the user’s familiar folder structure and one-click restore
  • MailStore Web Access allows users to easily access the archive without installing any additional software. The responsive design is also compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • MailStore Server has an integrated IMAP Server providing a convenient way for many other email clients across all operating systems and mobile platforms to access the email archive.

Mailstore Server

Businesses can benefit from all advantages of modern, secure email archiving with MailStore Server. The software creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of large amounts of data over a period of years. Users can still access their email using Microsoft Outlook, MailStore Web Access, or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, and search through them at breathtaking speed.


  • Assistance with regulatory compliance and especially help with the GDPR obligation, by defining sophisticated retention policies.
  • MailStore Server reduces IT costs and expenditures, by overloaded servers, increasing storage costs, and complex backup and restore processes.
  • Using MailStore archiving of all cloud or on-premise data, you can also construct a simple and effective backup strategy. This special backup can be also accessed by users realtime !
  • Users have the access to delete emails from their mailbox. This can happen accidentally or at will upon leaving the company. MailStore Server can help to eliminate such risk, protecting all business important data from communications.

Mailstore Service Provider Edition

MailStore Service Provider Edition, allows ITSP and MSP to provide their customers with modern email archiving as a service. Extensive scripting and branding options make it possible to integrate the MailStore SPE into the existing range of your office automation services. The system is still delivered as a software solution, but it may run according to individual requirements on your own needs.


  • Generate additional and long-term revenue by providing the system as a managed service.
  • Can operate in single server mode but it is freely scalable to any number of customers in multi-server mode.
  • Integrate accompanying services into a cross-selling proposition for office automation services.
  • Help companies to use a solution that can help them to meet legal requirements to archive their emails and help fulfill compliance requirements.
  • Freedom of price setup for end customers according to the quality of service offering.

Mailstore Home

With MailStore Home, you can backup all emails in a secure and central archive, even if they are distributed across different computers, programs or mailboxes. You can do this either on your PC or on a USB drive as a “portable” option.


  • MailStore Home has a powerful full-text search feature that can work through large amounts of data and any type of file attachment.
  • MailStore Home can manage large amounts of data effortlessly so that all your past and future emails are safely stored.
  • MailStore Home is also available as a “portable” option and can be launched directly from a USB hard drive on any PC without prior installation.
  • MailStore Home can be used for migrating emails, very effectively. All archived emails can be restored from the archive at any time using the handy export feature.
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