Server Load Balancing, Secure GW, WAN Optimization

Today, many industries and enterprises are looking to simplify and optimize business operations. Array’s high-performance technology is the first step towards achieving that goal. Designed to solve real-world business and organization problems, Array’s solutions can dramatically increase employee productivity and business agility while streamlining network management and delivering dramatic cost savings.

Today, Array is providing powerful and efficient solutions for a wide range of customers—from small, local businesses to large, global enterprises, in everything from financial services and healthcare to government and education. Proven in over 5000 worldwide customer deployments, Array Networks is a global leader in application delivery networking. Powered by SpeedCore™, Array application delivery, cloud and mobility solutions are recognized by leading enterprise, service provider and public sector organizations for unmatched performance, reliability and total-value-of-ownership.

Array APV Series application delivery controllers address the challenges faced by enterprise, service provider and public sector organizations in the areas of application and cloud service delivery. Available as purpose-built appliances or software engineered for virtual environments

Array's business solutions seamlessly connect employees with the applications and information they need to drive productivity and profitability. Better still, the inherent flexibility of the Array architecture means that Array solutions can quickly and easily adapt to meet the specific requirements of any organization.


Application Delivery Controllers for Scaling Performance, Availability and Security

With the advent of virtualization, public and private clouds, the explosion in mobile traffic and the move towards new standards including IPv6 and 2048-bit encryption, modern application delivery controllers must provide performance and scalability in line with the demands of mobile and cloud computing and the agility to extract maximum efficiency and ROI from application infrastructure.

WAN Optimization Controllers for Accelerating Remote Application Delivery

Array’s aCelera physical and virtual WAN optimization controllers dramatically reduce application response times over wide area networks by reducing the amount of traffic that goes over the network between remote offices and data centers. Where scalability and performance across WANs are critical factors, aCelera physical appliances reduce response times for enterprise applications by more than 95% and improving application response times by up to 50x, by mitigating the effects of:

  • Limited bandwidth
  • High latency
  • Packet loss
  • Network congestion

Secure Access Gateways for Enterprise, Cloud & Mobile Environments

With increasing mobility of today, growing adoption of cloud services and a shift in thinking that favors securing data over securing networks and devices, modern enterprises require a new breed of secure access solutions. Secure access gateways centralize control over access to business critical resources, providing security for data in motion and at rest and enforcing application level policies on a per user basis.

The Array AG Series secure access gateway addresses challenges faced by enterprise, service provider and pubic-sector organizations in the areas of secure access to applications and cloud services. Available in a range of scalable, purpose-built appliances or as a virtual appliance for cloud and virtualized environments, the AG Series can support multiple communities of interest, connect users both in the office and on-the-go and provide access to traditional enterprise applications as well as services running in public and private clouds.

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