Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform

The innovative ClearSkies™ Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform line of products helps you associate threats with corresponding vulnerabilities as they emerge. It empowers you to anticipate, detect, response, swift recovery, and adapt to cyber, insider and third-party threats to achieve and maintain cyber resilience.

The platform encapsulates the very definition of Extended Detection & Response (XDR) capabilities. By integrating ClearSkies™ SIEM and add-ons into a cohesive SecOps environment for compounded results, it delivers cross-layered visibility for extended detection and response.

With Orchestration and Automation at the core of your investigation process, response actions are prioritized according to threat and asset classifications, and risk classification, depending on your organization’s risk appetite.

ClearSkies™ SIEM and add-ons inherit the Platform’s innate unique characteristics. They enable organizations, as well as MSSPs, to modernize and extend their SOC capabilities/offerings by unlocking the intelligence of their data to effectively manage digital risk while meeting compliance requirements.

Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform

ClearSkies™ SIEM

Real-Time Visibility

An award-winning modern SIEM deployed via the innovative data-forwarding appliance ClearSkies™ iCollector™. ClearSkies™ SIEM is implemented on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

ClearSkies™ SIEM streamlines your Threat & Vulnerability Management Process by significantly accelerating your proactive threat detection and response capabilities, thus drastically reducing your “Detection Deficit” (time between breach and discovery). At the same time, it safeguards the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of sensitive information found within your log and event data.

Manage it on the ClearSkies™ Secure Web Portal (SWP) centralized console, or while on the go with the ClearSkies™ Mobile App.

ClearSkies™ Endpoint Detection
& Response (EDR)

Enhance your Detection & Response

ClearSkies™ Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a comprehensive Endpoint Protection solution, fully integrated with ClearSkies™ to complement the detection and response of cyber, insider and third-party threats by utilizing Behavioral Monitoring and Analysis (BMA) which leverages ClearSkies™ advanced security analytics, and Threat Intelligence.

ClearSkies™ Active Defense

Post-Breach Detection

Active Defense gathers counter-intelligence pertaining to malware and threat actors that have penetrated your network. It lays Beacon-Traps and decoys to stop threat-actors already in your network, luring and deceiving threat actors into revealing their true intentions. This allows you to gain valuable time to take appropriate response actions, and stop threat actors from strategically and progressively performing lateral movement in their search for sensitive information and high-value assets.

ClearSkies™ Identity & Access

Defend against Insider Threats by keeping your User Base in Check

ClearSkies™ Identity & Access provides audit and monitoring capabilities that aggregate log and event data relating to users’ identity and access management (such as user account statuses, permissions, policies, etc.). It feeds log and event data into ClearSkies™’s UEBA and advanced security analytics engine, which extracts context and delivers intuitive visualizations together with audit information of “who did what from where and when”. The information is then intelligently presented to help the security team identify potential and real user misuse.

ClearSkies™ Vulnerability Management

ClearSkies™ Vulnerability Management imports scan results from various third-party vulnerability tools. It simplifies the monitoring and management of the remediation process of vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses towards minimizing your attack surface.

User-uploaded scan results assist in the pre-correlation process, providing a multi-dimensional assessment of the impact of an incident.

Furthermore, it associates identified vulnerabilities and configuration weakness with threats targeting your network, systems and applications, enabling you to prioritize your mitigation actions, and at the same time, minimize false-positive alerts by up to 95%.

This way, your security staff can quickly resolve benign alerts, granting you the time and valuable insight to focus on actual threats.

Managed Security Detection & Response Services

Have Peace of mind knowing we have got you covered

Odyssey’s Managed Security Detection & Response Services (MDR) are designed to serve as a remote extension of an organization’s security operations, helping them responding to threats before they materialized. As a result, these services empower organizations to reduce risk, enhance compliance and minimize their total cost of owner ship while maintaining their digital assets in an optimal operational and effectiveness state whether they are in the cloud and/or on-premises.

• Security Monitoring & Event Management
• Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

ClearSkies™ Professional Services

Make the most out of your ClearSkies™

ClearSkies™ Professional Services provide a complete set of services revolving around the ClearSkies™ Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform.
These services help you to successfully implement and improve your organizational security posture while using ClearSkies™ products. Specifically, with ClearSkies™ Professional Services, our experts help with the design, implementation, configuration, optimization and training needed to get the most out of ClearSkies™ products.

• ClearSkies™ Implementation Services
• ClearSkies™ Configuration Services
• ClearSkies™ Optimizations Services
• ClearSkies™ Training Services

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