Fortra. The Email Security Gaps in Your Cloud

It’s not news that most enterprises operate in the cloud. Migration to the cloud leads to better collaboration, data storage, and lower costs compared to on-premises resources. Odds are your organization is currently enjoying the conveniences of the cloud.

The cloud has reshaped the way organizations operate, but with the migration comes new obstacles in email security, and the cloud has its own vulnerabilities. Relying on Microsoft’s add-on security features is simply not enough at stopping advanced threats. According to Gartner, Microsoft lacks the ability to detect and eradicate 20% of the advanced email threats. This is why Gartner recommends a multi-tier architecture for cloud email security.

Has Your Email Security Kept Up with Your Capabilities?

Email remains a prominent target for phishing attacks. Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) states that the three primary ways in which attackers access an organization’s data include phishing, stolen credentials, and exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Traditionally, a secure email gateway has been at the center of email security platforms. However, as cloud adoption continues, the existing capabilities offered by secure email gateways and native cloud service providers fall short in providing adequate protection.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) and phishing dominate the email threat landscape and chances are, your current traditional email security solution is struggling with the challenges posed by these sophisticated threats. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, BEC attacks reported in end user inboxes grew more than 43% between 2021 to 2022.

Email security struggles to detect BEC because it doesn’t contain any malicious links or attachments and completely relies on social engineering tactics. The spoofed content is enhanced for legitimacy making them look believable to recipients – including your email security platform.

Why Frontline Email Security Is Insufficient

Keeping up with email security can often feel like running on a treadmill. As soon as you feel good about your email security solution, new threats emerge causing the circle of spending more on layers of protection with multiple vendors and environments to manage. Frontline tools were not designed to solve the targeted, social engineering-based attacks.

In fact, a Fortra 2023 study found that the leading cloud email provider missed 625 threats annually for every 1,000 users!

Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection

I believe keeping digital information safe and advocating for proactive measures to protect sensitive information through email is vital to an organization. As a former senior principal analyst at Gartner, I helped clients address email security issues such as phishing protection and unstructured data protection. Which is why I am thrilled to be a part of Fortra’s team. The launch of Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection encompasses an array of advanced features like AI/ML-driven detection, threat intelligence, and security awareness training and much more. I eagerly anticipate leading initiatives that drive innovation within this dynamic product landscape at Fortra.

Fortra combined capabilities from Agari, Clearswift, and PhishLabs, creating a new cloud email security platform that delivers multi-faceted defense against advanced email threats in a single solution.

The foundation of Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection encapsulates data science, global inbox threat intelligence, and automated remediation. This foundation makes Cloud Email Protection the only integrated cloud email security solution that combines these features into a single cloud-native platform – stopping threats that bypass traditional defenses.

Data Science: Through data science and AI, Cloud Email Protection applies machine learning models, large language models and neural networks to stop unknown threats.
Global Inbox Threat Intelligence: By crowdsourcing malicious indicators from user inboxes worldwide, Cloud Email Protection can stop emerging threats.
Email Threat Operations: Cloud Email Protection mines threat data across millions of user inboxes and develops countermeasures for novel attack patterns.
Continuous Detection and Response: At enterprise scale, Cloud Email Protection automatically finds and eradicates threats throughout the email environment.

Fortra’s distinctive product portfolio features capabilities like AI/ML-driven advanced detection, threat intelligence, security awareness training and much more. All these capabilities are part of Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection product which perfectly embodies my vision of a comprehensive email security solution. I am thrilled to be part of the team contributing to Cloud Email Protection and eagerly anticipate leading initiatives that drive innovation within this dynamic product landscape at Fortra.

Source: Fortra