Fortra Launches Cloud Email Protection to Combat the Rise of Advanced Threats

Global cybersecurity software and services provider Fortra today introduced a transformative advancement in email security with the launch of Cloud Email Protection. This integrated cloud email security (ICES) solution sets a new standard by seamlessly blending artificial intelligence, threat intelligence, and automated remediation to stop advanced threats that elude traditional defenses and make it through to corporate inboxes.


In a landscape where legacy email security tools are not optimized for cloud environments and struggle to combat advanced threats, Cloud Email Protection emerges as the industry’s first cloud-native solution offering a comprehensive, flexible email security stack. This will include inline secure email gateway  functionality, advanced threat detection, and post-delivery remediation – all unified within a single, robust platform.

“Bad actors routinely target and exploit organizations through advanced attacks and to be frank, traditional email security tools have left them ill-equipped,” said Billy Smith, Managing Director, Digital Risk and Email Protection, Fortra. “In addition, cloud versions of these tools are often not optimized for cloud environments, keeping organizations from realizing the resiliency, efficiency, and scale they want to achieve.”

“Drawing on the strengths of Agari, Clearswift, and PhishLabs, Cloud Email Protection will solve these issues, allowing organizations to simplify and scale their email security while putting a stop to threats such as business email compromise, spear phishing, and targeted social engineering,” continued Smith.

Apria Healthcare Group, a leading provider of home healthcare equipment and related services across the United States, was one of a few organizations to receive early access to the new solution and is already reaping the benefits:

“When our CFO was singled out by a threat actor and her likeness was used to falsely convince our Accounts Payable Lead to wire funds offshore, we had only minutes to act,” said Emmanuel Appiah, Senior Information Security Analyst, Apria Healthcare Group. “Fortunately, Cloud Email Protection detected and stopped the threat before any damage occurred. It also scanned the remainder of our inboxes for duplicated incidents. The peace of mind that Fortra provides empowers us to go about our day knowing we are protected, even from social engineering attacks that are hard to detect.”

“At Fortra, we are committed to providing our customers with the very best protection in a streamlined and simple way,” said Kate Bolseth, CEO, Fortra. “Staying true to our mission, Cloud Email Protection is a platform-based solution that makes security management easier for our customers while also improving their defenses. Although the attempted attack on Apria Healthcare Group was unfortunate, we are proud that Cloud Email Protection kept the company safe and secure.”

For more information about Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection, click here.

Source: Fortra