Datto. Mastering data protection in the cloud age: Innovate and elevate your MSP game

The cloud’s allure of scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency has spurred a revolution, transforming how organizations operate and manage their data. Enterprises are no longer confined to on-premises data centers; they’re expanding into hybrid and multicloud environments, adopting SaaS applications and supporting mobile workforces. While these advancements fuel innovation and growth, they also generate a complex web of data dispersed across diverse platforms and locations.

At Datto, we understand that this rapidly expanding data footprint is a paramount concern for managed service providers (MSPs) entrusted with safeguarding client workloads and data. With a keen understanding of the MSP landscape and continued innovation in the backup space over the decades, we have ensured both us and our clients stay well ahead of the curve. Datto’s most complete, integrated and intelligent backup portfolio helps MSPs like you protect your clients’ data wherever it lives — delivering greater value to your customers and providing the best margins to you.

The recently conducted Backup Product Innovation webinar discussed all the major innovations we recently brought into the Datto Backup portfolio to elevate your MSP game. The webinar delved deep into all the innovations/features, including:

  • Integrated customer billing: This feature automates Datto Backup modules’ consumption reconciliation and billing process, helping you eliminate the complexity and time involved in manual reconciliation. Consumption metrics from all Datto Backup products will be automatically fed to the contracts in Autotask PSA and Kaseya BMS, simplifying the whole process.
  • RMM integration: The backup modules’ integration with Datto RMM makes data protection simpler and more efficient. It allows you to perform backup functions directly from Datto RMM, reducing your clients’ recovery time objective (RTO). This also reduces the time and effort required to onboard clients for various backup modules since all the tools are available in Datto RMM.
  • Hero reports: This feature empowers you to easily demonstrate the value of your services loud and clear to the clientele. With Hero reports’ insightful, customizable and intuitive reporting, you can save up to 75% of technician time preparing reports for the clients.
  • 1-click disaster recovery: This feature enables cloning the already configured VMs and network settings during disaster recovery (DR), substantially improving the efficiency of DR and reducing downtime.
  • IT Glue integration with Datto SaaS Protection: IT Glue’s integration with Datto SaaS Protection enables automated documentation of the backup health of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace from Datto SaaS Protection in IT Glue. This integration not only provides high visibility of backup health across hundreds and thousands of users but also brings to light any unprotected users that require additional protection.

As we navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of data protection, we recognize that your success is our success. By continuously innovating and offering tailored solutions, we continue to future-proof your MSP business in a world driven by data. We have lined up some exciting features, programs and integrations for the upcoming quarters, too.

Watch the webinar recording here to learn more about all the recent innovations that Datto has brought to the fold. You can also get a demo to see firsthand how Datto can help you comprehensively protect your clients’ data regardless of location.

Source: Datto