Complete Data Protection for MSPs Made Easy With Datto Endpoint Backup for Servers

The evolution of businesses and IT infrastructures over the last few years has been staggering, resulting in data disparately distributed throughout the business ecosystem. This makes it difficult to monitor both the data and the server carrying it. That’s why it is crucial for managed service providers (MSPs) like you to be well-prepared to protect and recover your critical server workloads regardless of where they are located.

Due to data sprawl, it gets quite challenging for MSPs to provide complete data protection to “edge cases,” which include small businesses with individual servers, servers situated in very remote or inhospitable places, or servers distributed over multiple sites. It also gets incredibly complicated and time-consuming to implement and manage the backup infrastructure of the server workloads, especially when there’s a need to implement a separate on-site backup appliance at each location. Added to this is the heavy cost incurred by MSPs to carry out the entire operation.

Hence, most MSPs tend to avoid rolling out or managing backup infrastructures.

Putting MSPs at risk

The reluctance to manage backup infrastructures can be costly for MSPs since it leaves their clients’ data unprotected. Not backing up data creates data loss risks and possible exposure to ransomware attacks, resulting in business downtime and reputation loss for the MSP. This can directly impact the MSP’s profitability and must be addressed smartly.

Direct backup to the cloud

A dedicated backup infrastructure in a data center isn’t always the solution. Complementing your tech stack with a direct backup to the cloud would be the ideal choice. With the help of a unified, direct-to-cloud business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution, you can bolster your data protection and take it beyond the boundaries of primary data centers. You can do away with all the complexities associated with the implementation and management of modern IT infrastructure, in turn saving technician time and energy and focusing on helping your clients grow their business.

Another reason to amplify your stack and opt for direct-to-cloud backup is the possibility of new revenue and healthy margin opportunities. It allows the backup services to expand beyond their spheres of influence and include the protection of clients’ systems, eliminating the risk of data loss and the possibility of downtime — at great operating margins.

A game changer for MSPs

Datto Endpoint Backup for Servers offers compact, direct-to-cloud BCDR solutions for servers anywhere. Purpose-built for MSPs, this solution combines its direct cloud backup feature with ransomware protection and powerful disaster recovery (DR) capabilities and can be managed via a unified management portal. It eliminates the need to put hardware on-site.

Let’s take a look at what it brings to the table.

Enhancing your and the clients’ reputation

Ransomware attacks are on the rise owing to their late detection. Such a threat can result in unplanned downtime and jeopardize your company’s reputation. Datto’s latest solution, with its unique ransomware detection capabilities, scans for early warnings and regularly checks immutable backups stored in the Datto Cloud with Cloud Deletion Defense™ — protecting your customers’ businesses from IT disasters. This goes a long way towards preserving and enhancing your reputation as well as that of your clients. The same technologies as Datto SIRIS and Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure are used here to eliminate ransomware threats.

Expanding your BCDR services

Datto Endpoint Backup for Servers helps create new revenue streams for your business and expands the scope of your BCDR services by offering complete protection for “edge case” servers. Despite the expansion of services, the costs involved in providing complete protection (backup, DR and DR testing) follow a flat-fee structure and are lower than “do-it-yourself” (DIY) vendors, whose costs are often high and unpredictable. The solution comes with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), without any hidden/variable fees. No extra charges for cloud storage, computing, DR or DR testing are incurred. Such a cost-effective pricing model enables predictable business growth for you and your clients.

Simplifying the backup business

The recent shift to a hybrid business model has led to increased complexity within the IT landscape, with data and servers scattered across multiple sites. Datto Endpoint Backup for Servers comes with a centralized management portal that simplifies the data backup workflow while saving time and eliminating complexity in just a few clicks. The portal is connected with both Datto BCDR solutions and Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure. Hence, managing the full backup stack from a single, unified interface is now a reality. The MSP-centric architecture of the solution delivers optimal technician efficiency and minimum overhead costs compared to solutions designed for enterprise IT.

Best-in-class tech support

Datto-certified experts are there to quickly help you with proven, direct-to-tech, 24/7/365 support. This ensures proper monitoring of your backup and DR services and pushes you and your clients to succeed.

Built to scale MSPs

With Datto Endpoint Backup for Servers, you get appliance-less, direct-to-cloud backup managed via a client-centric view for consistent data protection across remote servers, data centers, Azure and SaaS. Due to this single-pane-of-glass management, there’s a streamlining of daily operations, increasing overall BCDR efficiency with smart features like screenshot verification, automated testing and email alerts. As a result, MSPs like you get a much simpler and smarter BCDR solution.

A sign of such an evolved, smarter BCDR process is the hourly backup of your clients’ servers directly to the secure and private Datto Cloud, ensuring rapid recovery during downtime, cyberattacks and outages. This sets the standard for a secure cloud infrastructure and paves the way for unhindered business growth.

Source: Datto