NSS, Sophos, Cyberark and Sealpath at the 7th Infocom Security Conference, 29-30 March 2017

For one more year, NSS has a strong presence at the 7th Infocom Security congress, along with Sophos, Cyberark and Sealpath. The conference will be held at the Divani Caravel on 29 and 30 of March and it is entitled “On the IT Roadmap – Expect the Unexpected”.

The dynamic presence of NSS, Sophos, Cyberark and Sealpath includes three speeches along with workshops. The speech of Bogdan Tobol of Cyberark (Regional Sales Executive, South-East Europe) will take place on March 29th and the speeches of Chester Wisniewski (Senior Security Advisor will take place) and Luis Angel del Valle (Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder ) of Sophos and SealPath respectively will take place Thursday, the following day. Furthermore, workshops with Sealpath and Sophos will be held on the same day (Thursday). Also, a “special event with Cyberark” wilbe held with partners of NSS.

While designing an IT roadmap for the development of digital technologies, necessary to support strategy and operations in every organization, small business or enterprise, the most important factor to mind these days, is data protection.

It’s also obvious that what absolutely identifies threats in the digital world, in a constantly changing environment, is the element of unpredictability. The dangers for IT infrastructures of businesses and organizations are usually unexpected. That’s why the number of victims of attacks launched by cybercriminals is constantly on the rise, and consequences are especially damaging.

So, a major challenge for security experts worldwide, is for one to detect risks in time, developing and implementing contemporary security strategies, new generation technologies and preventive check techniques. On the other hand, they have to keep businesses properly updated and prepared, in order to efficiently tackle unexpected threats, by training users to focus their attention on risks out there.

The 7th InfoCom Security Conference which takes place on 29 & 30 March 2017, titled “On the IT Roadmap – Expect the Unexpected”, aims to highlight this challenge and is once more expected with great interest. For years, it’s been a point of reference for developments on Business IT & Cyber Security. It’s also a top annual summit for IT professionals who specialize in IT security, among other things.

The three themed sessions for each day of the conference will cover the issue of digital security, combining a business approach for IT Security, along with a wider scientific and technological content on Cyber Security. About the structure of the three themed sessions, on each of the two days of the Conference, we’ll take a closer look at:

  • Strategies, trends, consulting services and implementation of IT Security projects.
  • Challenges and solutions for the protection of data, devices and infrastructures.
  • Methodologies and research projects for Cyber Security, as well as Ethical Hacking techniques.


12:30 – 14:30 | 2nd Session: Advanced Protection Against Next-Gen Threats
The new generation of threats is definitely more dangerous these days. Attacks on networks of businesses and organizations are upgraded and targeted, aiming mostly at monetary gain as well as theft and sale of personal data. Preventing and repelling the new generation of attacks, as well as responding and restoring an infected system, require security solutions with advanced technology for networks and endpoints, with A.I. and effective protection, not only against threats of today, but of the future as well. Such solutions will be presented in the 2nd session of the conference.

Stop them before they stop your business

Bogdan Tobol – Regional Sales Executive – South-East Europe, CyberArk


12:30 – 14:30 | 2nd Session: Intelligent Security Made Simple
One of the most significant things businesses today demand from companies that provide security solutions and services, are for protection products installed on their IT ecosystems to offer security for one, and also be able to align as a whole with operational functions, supporting productivity and application flexibility. Smart solutions that offer effective protection from current and future threats, through a simple way and unified approach, that remove complexity and align with the demands of any organization, will be presented in this session of the conference.

When your toys attack – Securing the IoT is harder than it looks

Chester Wisniewski – Senior Security Advisor, Sophos

Data Protection Beyond the Perimeter

Luis Angel del Valle – Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, SealPath


10.00 – 11.00
Your documents, protected and under control. Wherever they travel – Luis Angel del Valle, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Sealpath

13.30- 14.30
When your toys attack – Securing the IoT is harder than it looks – Chester Wisniewski – Senior Security Advisor, Sophos