Five Reasons Why It’s Time to Put Privilege First

For more than a decade, CyberArk has focused on helping companies to protect high value assets inside the network. Over the years, privileged account security has evolved from compliance-driven projects to thoughtful strategic programs adopted enterprise wide.

Along the way, we have innovated and enhanced our offering to stay ahead of ever-changing advanced threats, but our focus remains on helping our customers to proactively protect privileged accounts. Today our platform delivers new a layer of security inside the network – designed to help organizations build and maintain trust in their IT systems and protect what matters. This is not only our mission, it’s our passion. Working closely with customers and educating the market about best practices is not only important, but essential for the entire business community. Best practices are not static –they advance as new insights are available. We listen, observe, collaborate and advise as threats emerge and evolve.

CyberArk works with security teams at companies in virtually every industry, and there is a growing recognition that privileged account security must be a top priority. Cyber attack headlines extend well beyond hospitals, government and financial institutions. All organizations have valuable assets – data about employees, customers, IP, financial information – and all organizations have privileged accounts that need to be secured in order for those assets to be protected.

Credentials -and, in particular, privileged credentials- give attackers the permissions necessary to access servers and steal data or go after the domain controllers and take control of the IT environment. They are the gateway to an organization’s most valuable assets and are the common denominator in the cyber attack life cycle. Securing privileged accounts and credentials must be at the top of the enterprise security agenda. In fact, it’s time to put privilege first.

With this in mind, we’ve highlighted five reasons to make privileged account security your first priority, and each is detailed in our new guide, which I encourage you to read.

5 top reasons to prioritize privileged account security:

  • Single solution to protect against insider threats and external attackers
  • Privileged accounts represent the express lane to your domain controllers.
  • Privilege is the road most traveled.
  • Your security systems need to be secure.
  • Securing privileged accounts is the first action following an attack

Prioritizing privilege will put you on the fast-track to reducing your organization’s risk profile with measurable return on your investment.

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