Sophos: We’re simplifying Wi-Fi protection by adding Sophos Wireless to Sophos Central

Back in April we announced the release of Sophos Central (previously Sophos Cloud) with its all-new integrated management platform. This marked a major step forward in simplifying security management in an industry that has been increasingly trending toward complicated point products.

We’ve been steadfast in our belief that powerful, feature-filled, and industry-leading security should be integrated and uncomplicated. Today we take another step forward in delivering on that vision, as we add Sophos Wireless to the ever-expanding Sophos Central protection portfolio.

If Maslow was creating his “Hierarchy of Needs” today, wireless access would be right there in the physiological needs alongside food and water. Because of our incessant demand to be connected for personal and business reasons, the cloud-managed Wi-Fi market continues to grow at an exceptional rate, with market analysts suggesting it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

At Sophos we’ve already seen great success with our UTM/Firewall managed wireless and so the next logical step for us was to extend our offering, and bring the simplicity Sophos is famous for to the cloud-managed wireless space. In doing so, we’ll help our partners and customers meet the needs of their wireless-hungry users simply and securely.

Administrators will now be able to configure and manage wireless networks directly from the Sophos Central Admin console. Our new Sophos Wireless service uses our range of Sophos Access Points which, if partners and customer prefer, can be managed via Sophos SG UTM and XG Firewall.

Sophos Central managed Sophos Wireless has all the key features required for essential wireless setup and control, including:

  • At-a-glance dashboard with network and client connectivity data
  • Traffic usage insights based upon web categorization
  • Easy multi-site management and setup
  • Visual network planner and Google Maps integration

Our three-week Sophos Central development cycle allows us to rapidly add deeper functionality and pave the way for unique Synchronized Security innovations in the future. As we’ve done with Endpoint and Firewall already, we plan to enable wireless networking to talk with other Sophos Central security services like Endpoint, Mobile, Web and Server security to help elevate levels of protection.

The addition of Wireless to Sophos Central adds to what has been widely recognized as an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use tool for managing endpoint, mobile, web, and server products. Sophos Central lets our Partners, our customers and their end-users get the most out of security:

  • Sophos Central Partner helps partners manage and track their business, identify revenue opportunities, and features seamless jump-points to Sophos Central Admin.
  • Sophos Central Admin leads the way when it comes to real-time, synchronized security. The identification and remediation of threats becomes a simple one- or two-click affair.
  • Sophos Central Self Service makes it easy for end users to work with quarantined email and, in the future, bring-your-own-device provisioning, data encryption, Wi-Fi setup and much, much more.

But we’re not stopping there – we’re going to keep making Sophos Central stronger to ensure it continues to strike a balance between powerful functionality and ease-of-use.

Watch out for more news coming very soon about another new service we’ll be adding later this year. To find out more about Sophos Wireless visit

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