Why Sophos partners and customers are so excited about XG Firewall

The release of Sophos XG Firewall with Security Heartbeat has made some headlines this week, and we’re pleased that analysts like John Oltsik of ESG are giving us great reviews. But real success is measured by the responses of our valued partners and customers.

Here’s some of the things we’re hearing from customers and partners about XG Firewall and our synchronized security strategy.

“You hear about large enterprise corporations being breached all the time in the news. What the news doesn’t report is the vast amount of small companies that are being breached and don’t even know it. When I heard that Sophos was planning on having their endpoint talk to their firewalls with the Security Heartbeat, I knew this would revolutionize the security industry and transform the way we help small and medium businesses protect their network. A firewall and an endpoint view threats incredibly differently and now that the two can have a conversation about what they see, security will be elevated to a whole different level. We already know that Sophos is a leader in both endpoint and network security, with proven products deployed worldwide. Synchronized Security and the Security Heartbeat now represent a fundamental shift in managing threats, which will upset not only hackers, but the competition as well.” – Brad Call, Systems Specialist, Internal IT (Sophos partner and customer)

“With the current landscape, threats move at a rapid pace. We’ve seen the security industry continue to come up with new layers of security for IT teams to buy and deploy. It’s refreshing to see that Sophos is taking a different approach to help us simply get more out of what we and our customers already have.” – Roy Busenius, President, Internal IT (Sophos partner and customer)

“What Sophos is doing with synchronized security is impressive. As a company, we are looking forward to how the network will be integrated fully with the endpoint, saving us the amount of time it typically takes to research threats, act on them, and actively manage security for the entire organization.” – Timothy Speakman, System Administrator, Contra Costa Health Services (Sophos customer)

“We are extremely excited about the Sophos product roadmap. The Security Heartbeat is remarkable, particularly when you consider how the firewall will communicate with the endpoint. This new technology is one of the most interesting features on the market and we look forward to where this new technology will take us.” – Kerrigan Addicott-Case, System Administrator, Office Information Systems (Sophos customer)

“There will never be a perfect security solution that stops all the threats. But with Sophos we are getting close to perfect. Sophos’s synchronized security allows everything to talk to one another and is a game changer for the industry.” – Michelle Drolet, CEO, Towerwall (Sophos partner)

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