LogPoint Receives Common Criteria Certification

LogPoint is very proud to announce that we have achieved the Common Criteria (CC) certification at the evaluation assurance level (EAL) 3+ level for the LogPoint SIEM product.


The journey towards the certification started when LogPoint entered into a strategic partnership with The Boeing Company in late 2013. With the security and certification expertise from Boeing, LogPoint has been able to achieve the certification in within a very short timeframe.

Between three major releases, a catastrophic earthquake, we were able to achieve the certification quicker than the fastest expected duration, as per the official guidelines. This is a testament to the determination, agility and skill between both companies, teams and individuals – working on three continents.

Security-conscious customers, such as the government offices, law enforcement, intelligence, military and financial institutions require Common Criteria Certification as a determining factor in purchasing decisions – and we anticipate that more companies will be interested in this type of certificate the future.

We are very proud to have achieved this level of certification as it assures our customers around the world that LogPoint is safekeeping their trusted information.

Achieving this certification demonstrates LogPoint’s commitment to providing high quality security solutions to its customers, as well as LogPoints ability to perform software development following processes and requirements that guarantee the security and quality of the product.

Read more about our Common Criteria certification on this page.

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