Sophos. Got encryption? Consider these 6 things to choose the right encryption solution

With the proliferation of data and the need to access it from anywhere at any time, encryption is rapidly emerging as the best place to start your data security strategy.

Despite some common ideas about encryption that it is too complicated to implement or too much of a hassle to manage, that’s not the case with the right encryption solution.

Below are six key aspects to keep in mind while choosing the right encryption solution for your organization.

1. Usability: A security product that’s too complicated to use doesn’t offer very much security at all. An encryption solution needs to be comprehensive yet simple: it should protect data everywhere – at rest, in use, or in transit – but shouldn’t take up too much time or IT resources to implement and manage.

Look for an encryption product that’s easy to set up and deploy, with an intuitive management console. It should also allow for simple key management and enforcement of your data protection policy.

2. Multi-platform: Find a solution that covers all types of encryption, including for multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.

3. Adaptability: You ideally want a solution that protects your data without getting in the way of daily work. Your encryption solution should adapt to your organization’s workflow – not the other way around.

4. Independent endorsements: Before making a decision, look at what others are saying about a product. Make sure whatever company you choose for your encryption needs has strong third-party endorsements from industry analystsreviewers and customers.

5. Scalability: As you grow your business, you need an encryption solution that grows with you.

6. Proof of compliance: In the event that the worst happens and your data is compromised, encryption makes it unreadable and unusable by data thieves. If you work in a vertical or location that has specific data protection laws or regulations, auditors will require proof that the data was encrypted.

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