Why Sophos acquiring Reflexion Networks is a great deal for customers and partners

Today we announced that we have acquired Reflexion Networks. I’d like to say I was clever in searching out and finding the perfect cloud email security company to help us accelerate Sophos Cloud.

I’d like to say that, but the truth is that people have been trying to tell me about Reflexion ever since I joined Sophos in 2013. I’ve had sales people ask me about them, partners rave about them, and product managers encourage me to look at them. In the end, rather than describe me as clever, deaf might be more accurate.

As I’ve gotten to know David Hughes and the team at Reflexion this past year, I’ve grown more and more excited about what we can do together. It’s a strong team and an important space.

Email continues to be a major threat vector, allowing malware to get inside the network and sensitive data to get out. Cybercriminals rely on spam as an easy and efficient way to propagate malware threats. In an effort to get around anti-spam filters, cybercriminals need to produce huge amounts of it – and spam currently accounts for nearly 70% of all email, according to SophosLabs.

The Reflexion team lives and breathes email every day. It’s their whole world and they are experts. Combining this team with our existing expertise from our email appliance business and our Sophos Cloud business really helps us double down on email security. They also speak our language: cloud-first; channel-first; simplicity in design; transparent communication; great support. They fit.

Not only is it a great fit for Sophos, it’s a great opportunity for Reflexion’s partners and customers. By combining our two companies we’ll be able to accelerate progress on Reflexion’s vision as well as bring email security to Sophos Cloud.

We’re glad to welcome the Reflexion partners to Sophos and we’re excited about the business we can build together.

You can find out more of the details of the acquisition in our press release and more details on Reflexion’s products on their website.

Bill Lucchini, who wrote the blog post, is Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sophos Cloud.

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