Jacarta’s interSeptor Pro for maximum protection

racks with the new interSeptor Pro.

interSeptor Pro is an advanced ethernet Data Centre and Rack Monitoring System that monitors room and rack environmental conditions and provides early warning alerts in the event of air-conditioning failure and other conditions that may threaten business continuity.

In addition, interSeptor Pro can also be used to extensively record temperature/humidity data for graphing and analysis helping you not only to ensure your IT equipment is running under optimal conditions but also to quickly identify where air-conditioning systems could be run more efficiently to maximise energy savings.

Designed for ease-of-installation and use, interSeptor Pro is available in 3 models:

  • 8-Port with 8 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • 16-Port with 16 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • 24-Port with 24 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors


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