Open-E’s DSS V6

Between continually (and faster) growing data volumes and the need for primary and backup copies in addition to more copies for compliance, business continuity/disaster recovery, and testing, storage remains a major component of IT budgets.

One product helping to address these storage challenges is DSS V6 (Data Storage Software V6), an integrated file and block storage management operating system from Open-E. Unlike many other storage systems, DSS V6 can handle both NAS (file) and SAN (block) activity and supports iSCSI, InfiniBand, and Fibre Channel functionality all in a single unified storage application for file-sharing and storage consolidation.

DSS V6 also provides a mix of advanced features previously only available to companies with large enterprise budgets, which means a DSS-based solution can be used for storage and back-up activities such as high availability (via Automatic Failover and Failback) and disaster recovery (using Remote Mirroring). The results are greater overall performance and value through better data security, increased fault tolerance, and improved availability.

According to Krzysztof Franek, CEO and president of Open-E, Open-E DSS V6 runs on x86-compatible systems and is based on a Linux kernel, the XFS file system, and a number of Linux components. DSS can run either on bare metal systems or as a virtualized appliance, and DSS combines the ease of use that today’s SMEs want with the advanced features that enterprise users (and many smaller businesses) need. Open-E DSS V6 competes with storage server software, which must be installed on hardware, and with storage appliances. 

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