SophosLabs researchers explore Android threats, banking malware, APTs at VB 2015

SophosLabs researchers are presenting four papers at the 25th annual Virus Bulletin International Conference (VB 2015) – taking place 30 September to 2 October in beautiful Prague – covering some hot topics: Android malware, banking Trojans, and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Our experts are always sharing new discoveries about the vast and complex web of security threats. But much of the research we’re presenting this year is focused on how the security industry can get better at protecting us against those threats, including through automated systems, smarter testing, and more holistic approaches.

Senior threat researcher James Wyke is presenting a paper exploring how we can provide more holistic protection against the new families of banking Trojans such as Vawtrak and Dyreza. His research paper explains our sandboxed-based system for automatically extracting and storing valuable data, in a scalable way.

Senior threat researchers William Lee and Rowland Yu discuss the efficacy of new security features in Android 5.0 – containerization and SEAndroid – and how these advances still leave corporate mobile devices vulnerable to infection and data loss.

William also joins up with senior threat researcher Xinran Wu to present their reserve paper exploring the increase in malicious mobile apps written with cross-platform development tools, and testing whether existing virus scanners can detect them.

Senior threat researcher Gabor Szappanos presents a paper about a topic he’s explored in depth in several other research papers he’s published recently – APTs. Gabor’s new paper describes some of the problems in defense technologies, and questions the definition of the term APT in a constructive way.

If you’re not able to attend VB 2015, don’t worry – we’ll be publishing all of these papers on after the conference.

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