Sophos Advances Cloud, Mobile, and Web Security with Acquisition of Mojave Networks

Sophos announced that it has acquired cloud-based security firm Mojave Networks of San Mateo, Calif. This acquisition will strengthen Sophos cloud-managed and appliance-based security solutions. To Sophos Cloud, an integrated cloud-managed security offering, Mojave will add a rich cloud-based web security solution. And to Sophos’ line of network security hardware it will enable hybrid deployment options (SaaS and non-SaaS) to meet diverse web security needs. An increasingly mobile workforce and an explosion of mobile devices have created a serious challenge for IT. To safeguard valuable corporate data and to secure roaming devices, Mojave’s innovative security platform provides an effective cloud-based network security solution that is easy to deploy and manage. It will allow Sophos customers to benefit by providing:

  • A cloud-based web filtering engine enabling full protection for web interactions without requiring additional on-site technology
  • Near instantaneous protection from emerging threats by supplying real-time threat intelligence from the cloud
  • A simple and intuitive management experience designed for small and mid-market enterprises or pragmatic enterprises of any size
  • A zero-compromise approach to security across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, delivering context-awareness, visibility and seamless protection whether they are on or off the corporate network

“Mojave Networks is a young innovative company that has built a leading platform right at the intersection of three cutting-edge areas of security:  cloud, web security, and mobile,” said Kris Hagerman, CEO, Sophos. “We’re dedicated to delivering security that is both powerful and comprehensive, but also simple. By integrating Mojave Networks’ technology into Sophos Cloud, we’re extending our leadership position and enhancing an offering that is already one of the fastest growing products in Sophos’ history.”

“We are proud of the work we’ve done at Mojave to pioneer a cloud-based approach to mobile and web security that offers unrivaled protection from malicious threats, security for mobile workers, and uniform policies across platforms,” said Garrett Larsson, CEO of Mojave Networks. “As part of Sophos we can continue to pursue our vision of comprehensive security for a mobile workforce at an accelerated pace, as we take full advantage of the rapid growth of Sophos Cloud, Sophos’ world-class community of more than 15,000 partners, and Sophos’ global presence. We’re excited to join such an innovative and disruptive leader in the IT security space.”

Mojave Networks

Sophos plans to integrate Mojave Networks’ technology into its fast-growing Sophos Cloud product line in early 2015 and then later in 2015 into appliance-based network security solutions. This will allow Sophos partners to offer their customers an integrated security platform that brings together best-of-breed PC, Mac, mobile, and network protection abilities through a single cloud-based console. This represents another leap forward in delivering comprehensive protection to organizations seeking enterprise-class security without enterprise-class complexity.

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