UTM Series appliances. Our best sellers ever!

UTM Series appliances will remain an important part of our hardware appliance portfolio and continue to enjoy all the great new features and enhancements that come with every software update. Our UTM Series delivers unmatched value with a great balance of price, performance and protection.

As you know, at Sophos, every feature is available on every appliance — and our UTM Series appliances are no different. And because they are based on an Intel architecture, you can benefit from all future software enhancements and performance optimizations — past, present, and future.

Features you get with Sophos UTM Series

  • Intel architecture provides a future-proof upgrade path unlike ASICs
  • Same protection on every appliance, from our smallest to our largest
  • Cluster up to 10 appliances dynamically without external load balancers
  • A range of models at performance and price points to fit diverse environments
  • Sophos UTM Series — Eight (8) models suitable for organizations of all sizes

Small:  The UTM 100, 110, and 120 are ideal for small organizations or branch offices that have less demanding traffic capacity requirements, but still want the best network protection

Medium:  The UTM 220, 320 and 425 provide the optimal balance between performance and protection for a variety of different environments.

Large:  The UTM 525 and 625 are designed to protect even the most demanding enterprise networks. They are purpose built for scalability, reliability, and high availability.

UTM Series Tech Specs


Datasheets:  UTM 1xx | UTM 220 | UTM 320 | UTM 425 | UTM 525 | UTM 625  

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