Jacarta SMS Alarm General, Averting Catastrophe with Text Alerts

We all believe (and hope) that ‘it won’t happen to us’ but how many horror stories of you heard where an unnoticed leak has turned into a flood, a briefly un-manned room has resulted in theft, or a faulty piece of equipment has led to ruined stock, lost data or hardware? SMS Alarm General is an extremely cost-effective way of helping to prevent these initially minor events becoming catastrophic for you or your business. 

Up to 2 x Go-Probe sensors and 1 x Temperature sensor can be monitored by the Alarm General and it is also possible to link the Alarm General to alarm panels such as fire, security, generator, UPS, fire suppression, air-conditioning, etc. SMS Alarm General can be used to help protect all types of premises: Offices, data centres, shops, warehouses, industrial units, homes, holiday villas – the list is endless!


How Does SMS Alarm General Work? 

The SMS Alarm General solution consists of a quad-band modem, integrated Jacarta configuration and alerting software module, and the capacity to connect up to 2 x Go-Probe sensors and 1 x Temperature sensor. Once a user-supplied SIM card is inserted and the sensors connected, configuration of alarm messages and contact telephone numbers can be carried out by sending text messages to the Alarm General. The Alarm General will reply to acknowledge each of the messages, confirming that the required instruction has been carried out.

Once configured, SMS Alarm General will continually monitor the condition of the sensors and alert the configured mobile phone numbers when an alarm condition is detected. Up to 5 numbers can be alerted. In addition to the alerts, Alarm General can send you a daily status text, and you can remotely check the status of your sensors at any time by sending a text message to the Alarm General.

SMS Alarm General 2 

You can download the brochure here.