Global IP traffic to increase fourfold by 2016

there will be 1.5 Billion viewers of online video by 2016, up from 792 million in 2011.

Global IP traffic is expected to hit 1.3 Zb (10^21) per year or 110 Exabytes (10^18) per month by 2016 – nearly a fourfold increase from approximately 31 Eb per month in 2011.

Factors identified by the report as driving global broadband traffic growth and service penetration include: an increasing number of devices (with network connections nearly doubling to 18.9 billion by 2016), more internet users (reaching 3.4 billion by 2016), faster average broadband speeds (rising fourfold to 34Mbps), more video (reaching 1.2mn video minutes being transmitted every second) and growth in wifi.

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