CommuniGate: Mobile Office and Carriers

CommuniGate Systems, the leader in efficient, massively scalable Intelligent Unified Communications hosting solutions for carriers, highlights its MobileOffice™ application suite for a secure, Carrier-controlled, Carrier-branded Blackberry-style alternatives for business subscribers.

Carriers have always taken data security and the protection of subscriber privacy very seriously. However, this topic has recently generated significant concern and action, first with the continual flow of news about Google’s alleged data acquisition and data mining, and now with ban of Blackberry services across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Carriers across the region, and beyond are looking at what this means and trying to find alternative solutions to offer their customers that allow the carrier to keep control or the service and more importantly of the data; CommuniGate Systems’ MobileOffice application suite is the answer.

CommuniGate Systems’ MobileOffice application suite provides carriers with the technology they need to deliver out-of-the-box push-mail, calendar and contact synchronization, instant message and much more, under their own brand and under their control, across all of today’s leading smartphone platforms, including iPhone, Android, Nokia and Windows Mobile devices.