Password Management

Password Boss offers a complete end-to-end solution for your customer’s passwords and helps them to increase security while reducing their risks from security breaches. Password Boss password management solution brings industry leading password protection to MSPs for the first time which is a perfect fit in your service offering profile.

81% of security breaches come from weak or stolen passwords. Help your customers close this gap by providing the security they need from Password Boss.


Password Boss Solution Features

A complete end-to-end password management solution designed and developed by an MSP specifically for the needs and the ways that today’s MSPs work and support their customers.

Two Factor Authentication

Increase the security of customer data by enabling 2-factor authentication for all members.

Role-Based Access

Assign different roles to your team members to setup, manage and access your customers' passwords.

Remote Control Integration

Instant login and access into your remote control application (Datto, Splashtop, ConnectWise Control, TeamViewer, LogMeIn Prο).

Secure Password Sharing

Easily share internal and customers' passwords and digital notes with your team is done by encrypting the data using 2048 bit RSA key pairs.

Multi-Layered Security

All data stored is encrypted using AES-256 and PBKDF2, with a unique key that is created from each customer's master password.

MSP Management Portal

Centralized dashboards and reports on customers and individual security scores, usage and audit logs.

Multi-Devices Access

Quickly access yours and customers' passwords and digital notes from anywhere, anytime with mobile sync.

Built-In Dark Web Feature

Scan and monitor customers' passwords and email addresses for possible security breaches.


Fast and easy automatic login to every website.

3 out of 4 companies do not have a password manager

Password Boss Integrations

MSP Management Portal

Easy and efficiently access every client, user and device from a centralized multi-tenant portal. Your team can move fast and add new clients in minutes, keeping installation and support cost to a minimum.

  • Customer Health Reports is a great addition to your quarterly customer reviews
  • Dark Web scans show who is using hacked passwords

55% of security breach victims are small businesses

Simplify passwords for your team

Get up and running fast

Setup is fast and easy, even for remote teams.


Plans start at just few Euros per month per user with no hidden fees.

Easy to Use

Your team can start using Password Boss right away without complicated training.

Advanced security features

Our security policies allow you to pick the right level of security for your team.

Access from all devices

Your team has access to passwords and notes from any device, at any time.

Priority Support

We’re here to help you from on-boarding users to advanced security policies.