Data Security Management

HelpSystems is Now Fortra

A name synchronous with security and defense. This evolution reflects the company’s enhanced commitment to helping customers simplify the complexity of cybersecurity in a business environment increasingly under siege. With a stronger line of defense from a single provider, organizations of all kinds can look to Fortra to increase security maturity while reducing the burdens to everyday productivity.

Fortra has grown to more than 3,000 employees with offices in 18 countries and over 30,000 global customers. As part of this evolution, the company shifted its focus to cybersecurity and automation, building a best-in-class portfolio with key capabilities in data security, infrastructure protection, and managed security services. These acquisitions have included Alert Logic, Digital Guardian, Cobalt Strike, Tripwire, Digital Defense, Terranova Security, Agari, PhishLabs, Core Security, GoAnywhere, Titus, and other well-known software and services providers.

Data Security Management

Data Classification

Boldon James

Boldon James is an industry specialist in data classification and secure messaging for military, delivering globally-recognized innovation, service excellence and best-of-breed technology solutions, by integrating with powerful data security and governance ecosystems to enable customers to effectively manage data, streamline operations and proactively respond to regulatory change.

Key features:

  • Improves policy enforcement, delivering compliance, driving business performance
  • Automates classification and ensures compatibility
  • Simple, unobtrusive and building a culture of security awareness
  • Raises user awareness of security responsibilities


Titus is synonymous with world-class data classification and are trusted by millions of users around the world, including top military, government and Fortune 100 organizations. With the addition of data identification and advanced machine learning technologies, Titus has evolved into a global leader in enterprise-grade data protection solutions.

Key features:  

  • Leverages multiple data detection methodologies, including machine learning to best understand data. 
  • Provides the industry’s most flexible and customizable classification metadata schema.
  • Creates metadata that enables DLP and other solutions to make informed decisions around how to handle data, leading to a  more efficient data security ecosystem.

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Clearswift Endpoint

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a key concern for organizations who need to comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR or HIPAA. All Clearswift products are based on a deep content inspection engine that detects, analyzes and modifies content in real time. Unique redaction and sanitization features remove only the elements that can potentially cause an unwanted data breach or disruptive cyber-attack, keeping communications flowing and risk-free.

Key features:

  • Rules, such as redact, sanitize, delete, encrypt, block, or monitor, are applied based on content and context provided by Data Classification.
  • Automatic detection and removal of sensitive and hidden data, and active security threats as data enters an organization.
  • Avoid unnecessary disruption and lower IT overhead costs by working jointly with Data Classification and other security solutions.

Clearswift Secure Email Gateway (SEG) provides uniquely powerful protection of an organization’s email data against inbound cyber-attacks and outbound data loss prevention. With deep content inspection capability and powerful adaptive redaction features, it removes evasive cyber-threats and prevents unwanted data breaches in real-time. Working alone or alongside cloud-based email applications such as Office 365 and G Suite, the Secure Email Gateway is an essential security layer to maximize cybersecurity defenses.

Key features:

  • Multi-layer anti-virus protection (Sophos, Avira and Kaspersky)
  • Zero-hour anti-malware detection and 99.9% spam detection with dual engines
  • Deep Content Inspection Engine detecting and analyzing the content of incoming and outgoing emails down to 50 levels
  • Message and Structural Sanitization by rewriting URLs before they cause harm and active code (macros, scripts and Active/X) is removed from Microsoft Office, Open Office and PDF files

Clearswift Secure Web Gateway (SWG) gives organizations the ability to enforce consistent internet security through flexible and granular policy management across web traffic, web-based applications, and cloud collaboration platforms. It enables complete granular control over the information that is accessed or shared online, whether it’s limiting or monitoring recreational browsing or preventing the inappropriate leak of critical information.

Key features:

  • Multi-layer anti-virus protection (Sophos, Avira and Kaspersky)
  • Sophisticated deep content inspection engine that can recognize the difference between an innocent Tweet and a potentially damaging one.
  • Clearswift URL database contains 84 categories and is updated daily. It covers millions of sites, and represents billions of web pages.
  • Predefined regular expressions for PII Personally Identifiable Information)  and PCI (Payment Card Industry)

Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT)


With GoAnywhere, IT and cybersecurity professionals can rest easy knowing sensitive files are secure in transit and at rest. GoAnywhere automates and encrypts data between an organization and its trading partners, protecting it from unnecessary vulnerabilities while improving overall file transfer quality and reducing costs.

Key features:

  • With MFT workflow automation eliminates the need to use multiple products and scripts to handle your business processes.
  • GoAnywhere’s secure collaboration features make connecting with your trading partners, clients, vendors, contractors, employees, and coworkers much easier and faster, especially when you’re on the go.
  • The system streamlines the exchange of data between systems, employees, customers, and trading partners.
  • GoAnywhere provides centralized control with extensive security settings, detailed audit trails, and helps process information from files into XML, EDI, CSV, and JSON databases.

Secure File Sharing


Vera provides secure file collaboration and digital rights management (DRM). There are hundreds of solutions in the market that can secure your data, but data is rarely good to anyone if it cannot be shared. Vera is the only solution that allows users to share their files securely, with whoever they choose. Users gain the confidence that their data can only be accessed by those they choose, even after it’s open. Vera allows you to collaborate securely while maintaining the seamless user experience that highly productive users demand.

Key features:

  • SECURE: Automatically secure your sensitive data when it’s shared internally and externally.
  • TRACK: Track every time data is accessed throughout it’s lifecycle.
  • AUDIT: Mitigate compliance risk with full audit trail.
  • REVOKE: Revoke access to sensitive data and files shared with departing employees and 3rd party providers.

Vulnerability Management

Digital Defense

Vulnerability management is an ongoing process. In addition to regular updates, as an organization evolves, new users, applications, and other changes can create new vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit. With new vulnerabilities frequently being discovered, following the following steps can be the difference between staying protected and suffering a devastating breach. Digital Defense is the best-in-class vulnerability management and threat assessment platform: cloud-native, built for ease of use, committed to the highest level of performance and accuracy.

Key features:

  • High performance and high returns for MSPs
  • Rapid monetization and ROI
  • Comprehensive support
  • Low initial costs
  • User-friendly operation

Penetration Testing

Core Impact

Core Impact is designed to enable security teams to conduct advanced penetration tests with ease. With guided automation and certified exploits, the powerful penetration testing software enables you to safely test your environment using the same techniques as today’s adversaries. Core Impact’s Rapid Penetration Tests (RPTs) are accessible automations designed to automate common and repetitive tasks.

Key features:

  •   Automate the routine testing, including proving PCI compliance, to maximize your resources, reserving third-party testing for most robust and complex requests.
  •   Validate vulnerabilities identified through more than 20 popular scanners, helping to prioritize remediation
  • Measure Security Awareness by simulating a phishing campaign using Core Impact’s dynamic tools to find out who is vulnerable to social engineering attacks. 
  • Validate Remediation Effectiveness by re-testing exploited systems after a penetration test to verify that remediation measures or compensating controls are effective and still working.​

Cobalt Strike

Cobalt Strike gives you a post-exploitation agent and covert channels to emulate a quiet long-term embedded actor in your customer’s network. Malleable C2 lets you change your network indicators to look like different malware each time. These tools complement Cobalt Strike’s solid social engineering process, its robust collaboration capability, and unique reports designed to aid blue team training.

Key features:

  •   Cobalt Strike’s system profiler discovers which client-side applications your target uses, with version information
  •   Validate vulnerabilities identified through more than 20 popular scanners, helping to prioritize remediation
  • Measure Security Awareness by simulating a phishing campaign using Core Impact’s dynamic tools to find out who is vulnerable to social engineering attacks. 
  • Validate Remediation Effectiveness by re-testing exploited systems after a penetration test to verify that remediation measures or compensating controls are effective and still working.​