Sophos XG Virtual Firewall free for 90 days

The widespread nature and severity of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to raise challenges on a variety of fronts. For many organizations, one of those is the need to enable employees to work from home until it’s safe to return to the office.

Solutions for remote working exist, but they can be costly and complex to implement. And, they may not offer the level of security you need.

If you’re looking for a solution that solves each of these issues, Sophos can help. You can take advantage of our free 90-day XG Virtual Firewall Free Trial to get your employees securely connected from home.

XG Virtual Firewall is available on your favorite virtual platforms including VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenApp, and KVM. It provides a bevy of connectivity and security features and it’s easy to set up. Simply visit the free trial page, fill out the form, and you’re off.

Secure connectivity for remote workers

A nice aspect of the virtual free trial is its multi-platform support. You can also select the hardware you want to install it on, which makes the process more convenient.

XG Virtual Firewall includes a base license that offers remote connectivity options for users, including both IPsec through Sophos Connect client, and SSL VPN. Both provide secure methods for connecting from home back to the corporate office and accessing resources such as email, applications, and documents.

Your free trial also includes a FullGuard security bundle that protects your firewall and connected devices from threats such as ransomware, breaches, phishing emails, and more.

You can even add additional services such as Sophos Intercept X to take advantage of our Synchronized Security feature, which shares telemetry data on the health status of each connected device in addition to isolating any endpoint that does become infected so the infection can’t spread laterally to other hosts.

Setting up your XG Virtual Firewall free trial

Keeping your organization running smoothly can be challenging during the best of times. As we switch to a “work from home” model until it’s safe to return to the office, having a solution that meets your remote connectivity and security needs can help make things easier. And, it doesn’t need to be difficult to get up and running quickly.

We’re here to make your XG Virtual Firewall Free Trial simple to deploy and configure so your remote employees can get connected and stay productive. Here are some resources to help you get started.

If you have questions at any point during your free trial please visit our knowledgebase, review our how-to videos, documentation, or contact us.

After 90 days

Should you wish to continue using XG Firewall once the free 90-day trial ends, we can help you transition to a hardware, virtual or cloud instance of XG Firewall.  Speak to your Sophos representative to discuss your requirements.