HelpSystems. Modern Data Security for the Enterprise

How companies can layer security solutions to ensure their data is fully protected no matter where it resides, how it travels or is shared.

Data is Everywhere

Enterprise data security is all about protecting sensitive data and ensuring that protected information is not compromised. Data can be anywhere and everywhere, so securing it has gotten increasingly complex from inside and outside the organization. Further complicating data security is the shifting from centralized storage in a data center to distributed and portable datasets located on user devices, remote locations, connected endpoints, and multiple clouds. Data is no longer a static thing secured behind a firewall. Instead, data often move across numerous environments and different locations, devices, and geographies.

Modern data security must start at the business level. Effective data security is about visibility, classification, and automation. Visibility focuses on understanding which data is important to protect; classification is about creating scenarios, rules, and categories for safeguarding sensitive information. Automation helps enforce and ensure the controls, policies, and data handling rules are in place.

HelpSystems has several offerings that address the roadmap for effective data security and automation. At its core, enterprise data security has multiple pillars, including data classification, data loss prevention (DLP), email security, domain-based message authentication reporting & conformance (DMARC), and secure managed file transfer (MFT) solutions. Below is a short overview of how HelpSystems supports organizations with enterprise data management (we will go further in-depth in subsequent articles.)

Data Classification 

From the moment data is created, it becomes a liability. This is especially true if the data has no context. How can an organization protect its valuable, sensitive data if they don’t know what data they have? Identifying and classifying different data types, such as personally identifiable information (PII), is the basis of any good security plan. Classifying data provides important clarity for users and downstream security tools.

HelpSystems has 35 years of data classification experience and offers tailored solutions depending on different customer requirements.

Enterprise DLP

One of the main challenges with DLP is understanding trafficked data throughout the enterprise. Many traditional methods for monitoring and managing inbound and outbound traffic fall short as anyone with access to sensitive data can download and share corporate information.

In 2021, HelpSystems acquired DLP provider Digital Guardian to augment their SaaS and managed service endpoint, network, and cloud DLP capabilities.

Email Security 

When data travels in and out of a network by email, the policies and security controls in the email solution protect the organization from outbound data leakage and inbound threats. Data labelling ensures that sensitive data is handled correctly, data is protected against viruses and malware, and if messages contain unauthorized information, it is automatically removed.

The Clearswift Email Security solution works seamlessly with other HelpSystems data security tools to provide continuous protection as data moves via email.

Securing Enterprise Email with DMARC

Bad actors use obfuscation methods to send phishing emails, social engineering, spam, ransomware, and malware emails disguised as legitimate sources to trick unwitting victims. These attacks inflict significant damage to an enterprise’s reputation and brand and, in most cases, cause consequential financial loss.
HelpSystem’s DMARC solution, Agari, helps its customers to monitor, detect, and respond to all related email streams under their name to prevent the malicious ones from affecting their customers’ and employees’ inboxes.

Managed File Transfer & Rights Management

Organizations increasingly rely on exchanging sensitive data between their constituents, including customers, business partners, employees, and suppliers. These file transfers include reports, contracts, employee and customer information, and project information – any manipulation or loss of data results in compliance and overall security issues. The efficient movement of data between an organization and its third-party partners must be secure, auditable, and accountable for data privacy and integrity.

HelpSystems’ Secure Managed File Transfer solutions, GoAnywhere and Globalscape address the security, encryption, and data protection needed when transferring sensitive information across the enterprise and its trusted third parties. Adding Digital Rights Management (DRM) adds further encryption to ensure files remain protected after the file transfer.

Securing Data and Email Across the Enterprise

HelpSystems data protection, email security, and secure file transfer solutions are viable options for organizations of all sizes that require enhanced data and communications protection. The technologies cover the “full-circle of life” from monitoring traffic, sanitizing sensitive data, blocking malicious behavior, deleting uncompliant information, and encrypting the data when it’s in motion or at rest.

We believe a solid business strategy that focuses on “buy what you can, build what you have to, and integrate for competitive advantage” will assist HelpSystems in differentiating itself in a hyper-competitive data security marketplace.

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