BeyondTrust. Managing Privileged Access across Multicloud IT Environments


Admin, superuser, root – different names for the same concept: an account that has total control over a system. In the Windows world, this account is called Administrator. On Linux and Unix, the account is root. In the Mac world, the account is Admin if you’re working in the UI, and root if you’re in the command line.

No matter what these highly privileged accounts are called, they hold great power over the system and, as they saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” This is why most companies apply the principle of least privilege (PoLP) as part of their security program. PoLP can include, enforcing separation of privileges, such as breaking up administrative responsibilities across different operations accounts; rather than having a single account that can add/delete users, change configurations, and run backups.


Privileged access security: 6 tips for mutlicloud environments

1. Get Your Identity House in Order

2. Focus on Admin 

3. Time is on Your Side

4. Modernize Password Management

5. Normalize Cross-Cloud Privilege

6. Optimize and Trace

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