CommuniGate Pro 5.3 Features List

WebDAV access to file storage and file store ACLs
eDisc (File sharing), making the server essentially a FileServer that customers can access any time, any place

File store subscription
Allows to “subscribe” to others’ files and file store folders

AIRSYNC improvements
Extends AIRSYNC support, so now you can sync two business phones with a more accurate synchronization algorithm

Personal contact details propagation
Extends XMPP supports, making it possible to broadcast your contact details changes (including photo or avatar) to other XIMSS/XMPP users

Calendar Publication
WebCals, a powerful way to Publish or Subscribe to Calendars even if the other party is on Exchange, Notes, or using a Mac

Multi-Party IM
Multi-party IM, or “chat rooms” for groupware and improved team collaboration

HD Voice
Support for HD Voice using iSAC codecs from Global IP Solutions

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