CyberArk: Don’t Analyze Everything – Analyze the Right Thing to Detect and Respond to Insider Threats

In 2013, organizations worldwide started to take insider threats seriously, thanks to a man named Edward Snowden. Yet, his is just one of many cases of authorized insiders who have caused damage – both intentionally and accidentally – to the organizations that trusted them.  From the Sage Group incident in the UK to the case of Harold Martin to, most recently, the IT admin who allegedly held a university’s email system hostage in exchange for $200,000, insider threats are a constant in today’s world.  What’s worse, these examples don’t even begin to touch on the 50 percent of breaches each year that are caused by inadvertent human error.

Today, CyberArk announced a new capability that helps organizations automatically detect and quickly respond to insider threats. The solution automatically records and analyzes all privileged users’ sessions to instantly identify high-risk activity and alert security teams to a potential incident before it’s too late. By automating this process and detecting threats faster, organizations can gain an opportunity to disrupt inside attackers – and careless users – before these incidents turn into costly, reportable breaches. Here’s how you can use this new capability to improve your insider threat detection, investigation and response processes:

Identify and define risks. Define the activities that are particularly high-risk in your organization, and customize your solution to alert you when these activities occur. The activities considered “high-risk” will likely differ from organization to organization, but if you’re not quite sure where to start, check out these recommendations as a starting point.

Track everything. When your privileged users access high-value systems, record everything they do. By tracking each and every action they take during privileged sessions, you’ll have a data stream that can be automatically analyzed. If something suspicious occurs, you’ll have a full video recording to review exactly what happened.

Automate threat detection. You don’t have the time to manually sift through session recordings to look for suspicious behavior – nor should you. Automate the review of privileged user sessions to detect high-risk activity as soon as it occurs.

Respond quickly. With the automated review of user activity, you can be alerted to potential insider attacks immediately. Once you see the alert, you can investigate the situation, watch the suspicious session if it’s still in-progress, and terminate the session to stop any further damage from occurring.

Prioritize audit review. Enable your auditors to be more effective. By applying risk indexes to recorded sessions, auditors can easily prioritize sessions for review, complete audits faster and deliver greater value to the business.

When it comes to threat detection, there is a lot of data you can analyze, but to protect your organization’s most sensitive assets, you need to focus on what matters most. By proactively analyzing privileged user activity on high-value assets, you can focus your efforts on your most sensitive users and information to gain prioritized, actionable alerts that can help you quickly detect and respond to attackers inside your network.

Read this eBook to learn who your insiders really are, and watch this whiteboard video to learn more about how the solution works.

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