LogPoint has released Security Update 5 for LogPoint version 5.2.4

LogPoint has released Security Update 5 for LogPoint version 5.2.4. This update covers a number of fixes for vulnerabilities in the Linux operating system, which LogPoint runs on. 

The Security Update can be downloaded from the Customer Site and should be installed under “Security Updates” in Settings in the UI.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – you can direct your questions to the party responsible in your region or directly to our support team.

LogPoint enables the correlation of events and reporting on critical business operation in real-time, allowing enterprises to gather insight and understand the context of the billions of events generated daily by both core business applications as well as the infrastructure supporting and enabling the business. 

LogPoint provides a rich analysis platform and out-of-the-box dashboarding and reporting for infrastructure and critical business applications, enabling effective management and measurements of the enterprise security, and compliance to quality standards.