Power & Environmental Monitoring for Data Centre Racks

iMeter can monitor up to 496 of the following sensors from a single IP address:

  • Current (Amps) using our unique intelliAmp® current sensor (pictured above)
  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Airflow
  • Water Leak
  • Security (door contact or motion)
  • Smoke


The unique combination of the sensors on offer means that IT and Facilities personnel can analyse the relationships between power usage, airflow and temperature to help assist data centre management decisions relating to cost control and reduction. The design of the Jacarta Go-Probe sensors enables the complete system to be implemented with zero downtime. The intelliAmp® current sensor can be clipped to the outside of 16 and 32 Amp power cables to monitor the True RMS current draw of single phase racks without any need to disrupt the power flowing into those racks.

interSeptor iMeter 2

interSeptor iMeter® can either be integrated into SNMP network management systems or, alternatively, Jacarta’s powerful iMS software can be used to monitor, log and report on iMeter sensor activity. The overall iMeter package offers a no-fuss, non-disruptive way of implementing an effective power monitoring solution that can influence and assist data centre efficiency decisions for years to come.

iMS Consumption Grid 1

iMS Consumption Grid 2

iMS Consumption Grid 3

interSeptor iMeter Key Benefits:

  • Modular system for easy implementation and budget-matching
  • Zero downtime required for installation
  • Quickly and easily compare power usage between data centre racks
  • Track power efficiency improvements over time
  • Use iMeter on-board logs or iMS software to identify where power savings can be made
  • Monitor and assess the relationships between temperature, airflow and power usage to improve data centre efficiency
  • Solution ensures that, in the unlikely event of sensor failure, there is no disruption to the power supply into your racks
  • Integrated environmental and power monitoring ensures alerts can be received quickly to help prevent data centre catastrophe
  • An array of additional features such as virtual sensor integration, modbus, SMS and voice alerts (with optional modem), etc. help to ensure that the iMeter can accommodate a broad variety of power and environmental monitoring requirements

iMS iReport

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