Jacarta JCAM-IR, HD Infrared IP Network Camera

As well as providing excellent daylight surveillance coverage, JCAM-IR also has infra-red capability to enable a comprehensive 24-hour surveillance operation to be implemented. 

JCAM-IR Image Quality

Crucial to the successful implementation of any security surveillance strategy is the image quality of the cameras being used. JCAM-IR is an HD 2MP fixed lens camera that can stream video with a resolution of up to HD1080p at up to 30fps. Facial recognition can be achieved in normal light conditions up to a distance of 10m. JCAM-IR has a darkness/low light range of 10m.

JCAM-IR Alerts

When motion is detected by JCAM-IR, videos can be recorded and snapshots (of before and during the event) sent by email. Videos can be saved to the camera’s on-board Micro SD card (user supplied) or, alternatively, to a networked PC. Camera recording and snapshots can also be activated manually or by an event triggered by an optional attached Jacarta Go-Probe sensor (water leak, door open, smoke, etc.).



You can download the brochure here.