Discover the new Jacarta’s interSeptor iMeter

 enables IT departments to monitor the power flowing into racks and the environmental conditions in and around those racks.

iMeter can monitor up to 600 of the following sensors from a single IP address:

  • Current (Amps) using our unique intelliAmp® current sensor
  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Airflow
  • Water Leak
  • Security (door contact or motion)
  • Smoke

The unique combination of the sensors on offer means that IT and Facilites personnel can analyse the relationships between power usage, airflow and temperature to help assist data centre management decisions relating to cost control and reduction. The design of the Jacarta Go-Probe sensors enables the complete system to be implemented with zero downtime. The intelliAmp current sensor can be clipped to the outside of 16 and 32 Amp power cables to monitor the True RMS current draw of single phase racks without any need to disrupt the power flowing into those racks something absolutely necessary when PDU (Power Distribution Units) are to be used.

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