Arkeia Delivers vStorage Virtual Appliance to Protect VMware vSphere Environments

Arkeia Software, a worldwide provider of backup and disaster recovery software and appliances, today delivered the Arkeia vStorage Virtual Appliance which packages the Arkeia vStorage Backup Agent as a virtual appliance. The appliance can be rapidly deployed on any vSphere hypervisor and used to backup other virtual machines on that hypervisor or other vSphere hypervisors.


The Arkeia vStorage Virtual Appliance bundles the Arkeia Backup Agent for vStorage to offer comprehensive support for VMware vSphere 4—any combination of vCenter, ESX, and ESXi—as well as VMware Infrastructure 3. Like all Arkeia backup agents, Arkeia’s vStorage Backup Agent permits backups to disk, to tape, and to disk and then to tape (D2D2T). Backup data sets can be replicated locally, and over a WAN.

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