WAN Bonding & Cloud Connectivity

comBOX is providing the means of aggregating all the available bandwidth of multiple connections to create a single high-speed connection with maximum reliability to support modern cloud applications. Virtual Leased Line technology (VLL) is the ideal connectivity solution for businesses that require speeds which exceed traditional limits ensuring maximum availability and optimization all at a lower cost compared to a dedicated line.

comBOX Virtual Leased Line guarantees a single, optimized, uninterruptible connection to the Internet or empowers VPN connectivity through the combination of all existing types of  connections including DSL, Cellular, Satellite and Leased Lines. comBOX network appliance and comBOX Operating System special algorithms create a Virtual Leased Line that is faster, reliable and more secure than traditional solutions offered by ISPs.

comBOX appliance

In order to use comBOX services it is necessary to install a comBOX physical or virtual appliance with multiple WAN connections connected. Depending on your needs, comBOX network appliances feature from two to twelve network ports for WAN connections, which can be either fixed (Leased Line, DSL, Satellite etc ) or wireless (4G, 3G etc).


The special operating system used by the comBOX network appliance is responsible for the management of data distribution to individual Internet connections, providing nextgen multi-WAN routing, basic failover and load-balancing, as well as other advanced technologies in order to meet all the different corporate network needs.

VLL Technology

Virtual Leased Line technology (VLL) can be used to combine all the individual WAN connections (DSL , ADSL , VDSL , SDSL, 3G , 4G etc) into a virtual leased line without the need of a dedicated high-speed and reliable connection from the ISP. VLL technology is using special algorithms for Bandwidth Aggregation, Data Compression, Smart Failover, WAN Optimization, Secure Networking and others.

Maximum Reliability & Speed

comBOX solution is providing uninterruptible internet connectivity without depending on a single ISP connection. VLL technology assures maximum reliability without any restriction on the technology or the number of the bonded connections. Simply by adding more DSL connection legs to comBOX, the available bandwidth can be upgraded without limits at a very competitive price.

Adaptive Self Tuning

comBOX bandwidth aggregation algorithm computes the available bandwidth, the packet loss and latency of individual connections in real time in order to decide the traffic distribution to all available communication channels. The adaptive self-tuning system, the most important feature of VLL technology, is differentiating comBOX from other similar solutions that are available in the market. The real time computation of the available speed of individual connections allows the reliable definition of traffic prioritisation rules with maximum accuracy. Unlike many conventional bandwidth management systems, comBOX allows the implementation of QoS priority classes both for inbound and outbound traffic without requiring the manual definition of the maximum speed limit.

Important Features

Multi WAN Features WAN Optimization Performance Analysis
Universal WAN support Real time Data Compression WAN utilization statistics
ISP Independence Adaptive TCP tuning Packet loss per WAN link
WAN Load Balancing Dynamic Traffic shaping (QoS) Real time performance charts
WAN Policy Based Routing Advanced congestion control Primary WAN availability status
WAN Bonding Jumbo Frames Backup WAN availability status
WAN Realtime Performance monitoring Performance Enhancing Proxy (TCP-split) Speedtest tool via traffic injection
Mobile Connectivity (3G, 4G) Stochastic fairness queuing Status Email Notifications
Transparent WAN failover Active Queue Management (AQM)
with bufferbloat mitigation
Centralized monitoring via SNMP
Inbound failover via Dynamic DNS Packet loss mitigation Centralized product license management
Packet Order Correction (POC)